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About Us

Jooseology and Pro-Immunity

We’re mad about Joose and we love producing fresh, raw and nutrient-dense juices to enhance wellbeing, improve health and give your body’s system a much needed natural boost.


Happy Customers

It is our mission to support your health journey, the way nature intended.

We love hearing how our products have an affect on your wellbeing. 


“Pro-Immune is part of my morning routine and I feel much more energised. I haven't had a cold since I started taking it. Superb!”

- Joy, Bangor


“This really is a game-changer for me. So quick and easy to take, I know I'm getting pure nutrients into my system each time.”

- Heather, Carrowdore



We will be updating our news section with insights on our industry, what we are doing and on the development of our exciting new products. Stay tuned!!

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